Together, we have built a magnificent new home. A home that rightly stands alongside the very best in world football…

Karren Brady
  • Pandemic pandemonium

    16th Mar 2020 by

    AS a fan of the zombie film genre our immediate outlook appears bleak – especially as we can’t “Go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for this all to blow over.”

  • Arsenal 1-0 West Ham

    9th Mar 2020 by

    A low press with Bowen and Antonio attacking with pace on the counter seems a decent gameplan given the players available. It’s certainly an improvement on Pellegrini’s lazy “go out and work some magic” tactics

  • Going down. Under

    5th Mar 2020 by

    GIVEN the current small, ageing and injury-prone squad a good pre-season would be designed to minimise the risk of further injury to a minimum

  • Take your own advice Sullivan

    26th Feb 2020 by

    THIS fan believes the protest atmosphere at Anfield, which the team appeared to react positively towards, would signal the need for a protest at every game

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