OH West Ham We Love You is a loose collective of West Ham supporters who have been sharing thoughts about the club with each other via WhatsApp for some while.

We now believe there is room for our views to become more public.

We claim no constituency or mandate beyond our own.

Included in our group are season ticket holders, away season ticket holders, corporate users and “once in a while” supporters. We are men and women and have a wide age range.

What most defines us however, is our desire for a better West Ham. We believe with more thoughtful management across all areas the club have the potential to regularly improve their league position and consistently pick up silverware.

What People Say

I hope that before I die, someone can explain the ‘West Ham way’ … they last won a trophy in 1980.

Sir Alex Ferguson

I admit, to the man in the street I might appear very arrogant. You’ve got to have a certain ego.

Alan Pardew

All of West Ham’s away victories have come on opponent’s territory this season.

Rob Hawthorne

Let’s build something together.