It’s happening again

West Ham Vice Chair and OSB leader Karren Brady

West Ham’s Official Supporters Board, best considered an arm of the club’s commercial department, have been at it once more.

When it comes to ill-considered and embarrassing outbursts on social media, they are at least on a par with the club they represent.

Did we say “represent”?

Of course we did; any claim they look out for supporters was surely buried by yesterday’s Tweet, pictured here.

Nobody could trust such an organisation to look after fan interests so long as the OSB act as a shill for the club by promoting a sponsorship partner. They do not and cannot be seen as an honest broker between Hammers followers and the club.

Furthermore, tagging Sheffield United in the Tweet and thereby inviting Blades to become involved was at best a misjudgement, at worst could lead to serious trouble.

Yes, the internet is open to all but Saturday’s game is a grudge affair, the presence of away fans in home areas is a current and ongoing issue and assuming the tickets aren’t located in the Director’s Box it seems a poorly thought out effort to invite our opponents to participate.

Of course, we may be completely wrong and the OSB took a well-deserved break from antagonising their own fans in order to aim a sly dig at our friends from Yorkshire.

In which case we are less than pleased to remind you West Ham lost the pictured game 3-0.